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Attention Tailoring Stylists (i.e. today's dressmakers and tailors):

SNAP Tools 2015 Basics is the free course of instruction written to go with Joyce Simons Murphy's SNAP Tools 2015 - Seriously Needed Alterations Pricing Tools pricing system available for purchase for the everyday low price of $49.95 at

The pricing tools consist of 5 downloadable files that include the following tools. Purchasing the SNAP Tools files is highly recommended as they make pricing easy. There are 500 alterations listed for instant pricing and the calculations are all done for you.

Tool #1: Alterations List – a listing of more than 500 alterations and related services rendered by tailors and dressmakers (This list alone is worth the cost of $NAP Tools™.)
Tool #2: Benchmark Times – the time it takes to sew each alteration as determined by Joyce Simons Murphy while running JSM Tailors for 20 years. (This hard to come by information is “priceless” when it comes to determining your charges.)
Tool #3: Hourly Rate calculator – a computerized form that is easy to fill out even for the novice with NO Excel experience. The calculator is the perfect tool for setting your hourly rate. It is the hourly rate figure that feeds into the automatic calculation to make the alteration prices truly yours.
Tool #4: Table of Contents and 12 Price Lists – The organization that keeps it all straight and puts the alteration that you need there at your fingertips when you need it. These are also Excel templates that require little to no Excel experience to finish. Print your 12 price lists after setting your rate and you are ready for price quoting and invoices in a way that is comfortable for you.
Tool #5: Invoicing Tool for $NAP – Fill out a professional looking invoice and complete it automatically on the computer by using this Excel template. There is a Canadian version and a USA version for handling sales tax variables.
Tools #6 & 7: Tools to Import your Price Lists into Quickbooks – If you want to enter sales into an accounting program as you invoice, QuickBooks is your answer. $NAP Tool integrates with both the Desktop and the Online versions.



Very nice rate calculator! Interesting to see how much more you should be charging when you include all expenses etc. SLICK! Thank you so very much!

Katherine Merkel
Katherine's Design & Alterations


Thank you so much for the Alterations Lists! I have been altering one client's suits for the past 3 years and thought I might have been overcharging him because it seemed to me I was extremely slow. Using your time calculations and my standard rate, I have been UNDERCHARGING him! Luckily for me, he is not shy at all in giving my name to others in need of help! :-)

Your $SNAP tool is wonderful!

Candy Simms

Course Curriculum

What's included?

Joyce Simons Murphy
Joyce Simons Murphy

About the instructor

In 2002 Joyce Murphy built a successful system for fitting women's pants  and then she took it on the road teaching it and improving it over the  next decade before publishing Building the Custom Pants Block in 2012.

Joyce says, "The time is right to revise the Building the Custom Pants Block text as I teach it. Students who sign up today will have the opportunity to take part in this continuous improvement process. Most everything included in the text will be updated and transferred over into the new edition. Presentation Videos (PVs) will be added to bring the written materials to life."

Joyce also built a system for pricing alterations called SNAP Tools. See the free user's guide course for details on where to buy it and how to use it.

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