Shorten a Jacket Collar

How to remove, recut and reset half of a jacket collar to narrow the shoulders through the center back seam

Shorten a Jacket Collar is an alterations tailoring technique taught in tailoring trade schools in Seattle and elsewhere from the 1930's through the 80's. I attended one of these schools at the end of an era and thus had the opportunity to learn from an alterations tailoring master who in turn had learned from a master tailor before him. 

As opportunities to learn the traditional ways to alter men's suits dwindle I decided it was time to act to keep the information alive. This is why I am bringing this education to you just as I learned it from Al Kirchner in the 80's who in turn had learned it from Stanley Hostek the decade before.

The Shorten the Jacket Collar course includes a 23-page fully-illustrated eBook I reiterated and illustrated with my own photos based on the time-honored techniques.  Print the book and take it to the sewing machine with you after viewing the narrated presentation videos inside the course.

There is a discussion list within the course. Ask questions there or email  Your comments are welcome.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to be your guide through these materials. It is an honor to teach you and to play a role in continuing a legacy too great to let fade away.

Your instructor,

Joyce Simons Murphy

What's included?

11 Multimedia
1 Text
12 PDFs

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