Fitting Pants 4U Master Course

Co-design, pin-fit, custom-grade and tailor-make beautiful pants that fit.

BEGINS AUGUST 15th, 2017.

Invest in education. It pays you back!

The Fitting Pants 4U Master Course teaches future Master Pantsmakers how to fit pants using the Pants 4U system -- an efficient pants fitting system that really works! 

If you are a sewing coach, local teacher or traveling educator you need this training to help you help women who sew get pants that fit by doing the fitting and the pattern-work for them and perhaps sewing the first pair. 

If you are a tailor or dressmaker you need this training to help you help other women who want pants that fit to realize their dream by making pants for them. 

If you are a sewing hobbyist with little or no experience fitting others and you want to sew your own pants that fit, I understand where you are coming from.  My suggestion is to attend a retreat or a class or hire a sewing coach trained in Pants 4U methods to help you. It takes time and practice to build up hands-on fitting and alterations skills. It's a big investment. 

Another suggestion is to attend a local class or a face to face retreat AND take this online course. There is much to be learned here that will help you understand your own fitting issues. This will make it easier to get what you want when working with a professional fitter.

Joyce Murphy walks you through the Fitting Pants 4U Master Course  one lesson at a time, teaching you how to tailor-make pants that fit and adjust the pants pattern accordingly for women of all shapes and sizes.

 WATCH, LISTEN & DO as Joyce presents each NEW lesson. 

It's like being on a guided tour. Who better to guide you through the Fitting Pants 4U system than the person who originated it? If you have questions just ask.

The Fitting Pants 4U Master Course covers the 4 steps required to master pants making. Each step is covered in a class. The 4 classes -- taken in sequence -- make up the course.


Start from the top and proceed clockwise around the circle.

DO 1st Co-Design: Plan your pants-making project. Begin with the end in mind. Decide who to fit and select pattern size. Set up the working relationship. Visualize the outcome. Make JSM Pants straight from the JSM pattern (provided). This is your pin-fitting tool.

DO 2nd Pin-Fit: Pin-Fit for pattern adjustment. Fit the JSM pants with pins to plan a full set of pattern adjustments. This is your custom-grading tool.

DO 3rd Custom-Grade: Adjust the JSM pattern. Change the pattern and trace it off in one step when using this custom grading method. The resulting pattern is your tool for cutting out your custom pants.

DO 4th Tailor-Make: Make pants and fine-tune the fit. Sew with confidence that the pattern will fit. It not perfect yet, it is easy to alter. Adjust the pattern to match the pants. Finished pants are ready for wearing and the pattern is your tool for designing the next pair. The magic formula is:

JSM Pattern + Changes = Pattern that Fits


  • If all steps are covered it becomes a spiral of continuous improvement  with each new pair of pants you make better than the last. The more you  practice, the more you learn and the larger the spiral becomes.
    • Go from getting caught in a maze of muslins to amazing results that you and your clients will love to wear. 

    •  WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS WITH PLENTY OF ILLUSTRATIONS include how to fit pants, how to adjust pants patterns, how to alter pants, and how to tailor them. (Downloadable .pdf files)
    • COMPANION VIDEOS - 50 to 100 lessons on videos that show you and tell you everything you need to know to tailor-make pants that fit..
    • WORKSHEETS for recording pattern adjustment plans
    • LIVE HELP (by appt.)
    • SUPPLY KIT includes pattern, fabric and notions sufficient to make one pair of JSM Pants to be used for pin-fitting in step 2 plus pattern tissue, and a JSM Pants Folio for storing pattern variations.

Cost for the complete Fitting Pants 4U Master Course is just $135 per month for 3 months.


Association of Sewing and Design Professionals member quote:
“I can’t tell you the number of times I have gone up to someone at conference to tell them how great the pants they are wearing look and fit. I ask them how they accomplished this and invariably they credit you for the fit and the pattern because you helped them with the fit and taught them how to do it on their own."

25 years ago we mused about “distance learning.” You had the dream. Your online classes are the fulfillment of that dream, but they are ever so much better than I envisioned. You are right on track, at the head of the pack, doing what you are meant to be doing. Congratulations Joyce!

Judy Barlup


THANK YOU TO A PHENOMENAL TEACHER. Your teaching style is very patient and you are intent on ensuring that we all understand the subject and on meeting our needs. You inspire me to be a better teacher. An “Aha!” moment in class was seeing the body space. This will give me a greater vision while fitting my students.

Susan Godfrey


Thank you so much Joyce for undertaking this trail-blazing teaching experience! Sharing photos of our pants and then seeing those photos on a screen as you pointed out the source of the wrinkles was eye-opening. The bonus was an actual record of what our pants looked like at the various stages. 

Dove Pierce


I have been a huge fan of your system ever since I read your first article (and all the following articles) in Threads Magazine. The notion of “body space” had never occurred to me and made perfect sense once you put it “out there”. To my knowledge, no one else has explained fit in your unique way. You are kind, patient, understanding, brilliant, humble and fun loving; qualities that seldom blend in a single individual. 

Nan O’Bryan


The on-line class has been great. Watching you and hearing your fitting suggestions has been eye-opening for me. What’s more, I have learned a lot from the other students in the online class.

Bobbie Kalben


What a journey! And what a privilege it is to be on the ground floor of this new teaching method! I have loved every minute and am mourning the end of our time together. You are truly a marvel. I have been an inspiration to watch you deal with the technical issues while at the same time imparting your sewing wisdom to us. 

Melanie Bales


 Much of what I learned applies to all garments, not just to pants.

Barbara Palmisano


What's included?

3 Videos
2 Multimedia
3 Texts
4 PDFs
Joyce Simons Murphy
Joyce Simons Murphy

About the instructor

In 2002 Joyce Murphy built a successful system for fitting women's pants  and then she took it on the road teaching it and improving it over the  next decade before publishing Building the Custom Pants Block in 2012.

Joyce says, "The time is right to revise the Building the Custom Pants Block text as I teach it. Students who sign up today will have the opportunity to take part in this continuous improvement process. Most everything included in the text will be updated and transferred over into the new edition. Presentation Videos (PVs) will be added to bring the written materials to life."

Joyce also built a system for pricing alterations called SNAP Tools. See the free user's guide course for details on where to buy it and how to use it.

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