Duplicate Dream Pants

a SCCandA Technique Course

Have you ever had a client ask you to copy a favorite pair of pants but it seemed like a crazy long project to get the job done and you couldn’t see a way short of taking the pants apart to accomplish the task? Maybe it is time to approach the task straight on. 

Build those Dream Pants for your client or provide her with a pattern so she can build them herself using this clear and concise method for tracing a pants pattern.

This SCCandA Technique Course begins by helping you think through the design process before starting in then it takes you through the tracing process step-by-step and finishes by teaching you how to true the pattern to ensure a pattern that sews together easily and accurately as it should.



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25 years ago we mused about “distance learning.” You had the dream. Your online classes are the fulfillment of that dream, but they are ever so much better than I envisioned. You are right on track, at the head of the pack, doing what you are meant to be doing. Congratulations Joyce!
Judy Barlup

As a working tailor, I find it’s so important to have high-quality resources, such as your school.

Sharon Picone

What's included?

6 Multimedia
1 Text
6 PDFs
Joyce Simons Murphy
Joyce Simons Murphy

About the instructor

In 2002 Joyce Murphy built a successful system for fitting women's pants  and then she took it on the road teaching it and improving it over the  next decade before publishing Building the Custom Pants Block in 2012.

Joyce says, "The time is right to revise the Building the Custom Pants Block text as I teach it. Students who sign up today will have the opportunity to take part in this continuous improvement process. Most everything included in the text will be updated and transferred over into the new edition. Presentation Videos (PVs) will be added to bring the written materials to life."

Joyce also built a system for pricing alterations called SNAP Tools. See the free user's guide course for details on where to buy it and how to use it.


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